In an effort to adopt positive habits, I have found that my current lifestyle doesn’t always allow room for my new, desired, happy, positive lifestyle. After reading MANY books about creating positive habits, one thing really resounded with me.

To make room for the new habits, I need to lose the old ones…..

After taking a long look at my life, I realized I needed a much bigger plan than what I had. Sitting down, analyzing what I did every day, I was able to identify a few habits that needed changing.

Then I came across this article. 13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful.

WOW. He includes even more… Start saying NO to things that don’t meet your goals. Give up your EXCUSES. Give up MULTI-TASKING. Oh my. I’m going to need to make even more changes if I want to work toward some of these. But the beautiful thing about living positive is that it’s a journey… I’m not expected to get there today. I have time to walk my walk and work this out.

The young man who wrote this article is on a journey – very different from my own, I am sure – but the words he shares ring true.