Sometimes being kind comes naturally, other times it needs a little encouragement.

Here are some suggestions that you can use to show kindness to those around you.

Smile at a stranger

Compliment someone sincerely

Hold the door open for someone

Say “Thank you” a lot

Send a letter to a child in the hospital

Don’t complain – talk about something good that happened

Send a paper “Thank you” note to someone who has helped you

Tip Generously

Donate your unused clothing or items to a charity

Pay for the toll, meal, coffee, etc for the person in line behind you

Listen to someone’s story

Invite a friend for coffee or lunch

Put your phone away and BE with the people around you

Give someone a book you feel they may like

Hold the elevator for someone

Bring donuts or cookies to work

Call your mom – or dad – or sister – or cousin – or best friend – and tell them you love them

Help someone with their job

Offer to make the coffee run at work.

Introduce yourself to someone you see at work

Drop off a donation at the local animal shelter

Send a letter to a service member

Talk to a shy person who is sitting alone at a party

Stick up for someone being bullied

Send a letter filled with love to a stranger

Leave small gift or a dollar bill in a public place for  stranger to find

Always keep your word

Join the 21 day Complaint Free Challenge

Ask people if you can help them

Help someone who is struggling to carry heavy packages

Help a new co-worker

Adopt a pet from the local animal shelter

Forgive a debt and never bring it up again

Volunteer to read to children at a local school

Help a friend move

Volunteer to drive a disabled individual to work or events

Leave money in a vending machine

Share kindness stories

Help friends see the positive in their day

Bake and give out sweet treats