Recently I have been far more concerned with my health – primarily because I spent so many years working too much, eating too much, and not exercising or caring for myself.

So, even though I was once a “gym rat” with the toned body and stamina to run for miles, I now had to kind of start over. Since the treadmill has always been my safe place, I decided to start there. Walking.

I started about a month ago, and I can already feel my stamina and breathing strength returning bit by bit. My once 20 minute walks are now 30 minute walks with 15 minutes of running scattered in there.

As I looked through the many, many resources available about the health benefits of walking, I found one that caught my eye.

Tesco Living share an article titled 8 Health Benefits of Walking. I was intrigued. I had felt a few of the benefits. Sadly, weight loss, my ultimate goal, was not one of them. I decided to check out the article to find out what other benefits my body was feeling. There were a couple that surprised me.

Here are a few of the benefits of walking, visit Tesco Living to read the full article and see all 8 benefits of walking.

Walking strengthens your heart
Walking prevents dementia
Walking gives you energy
Walking makes you happy

Yes, I can honestly say many of these are true. I was pleasantly surprised and energized to get back on my treadmill, weight loss or not.

Read the full article.