OH BOY….. I know we shouldn’t believe everything we read on the internet, but this one hits HARD.

I have a 15 and 13 year old – and I’m still doing some of these things for my kids.

Amy Carney shared this fantastic article on Red Tricycle.

In her article, she shares eight tasks that kids should be able to swing by the time they are 13. The first one, waking themselves up in the morning, was the first one we struggle with. In an effort to remove phones, electronics, and screens from my kids rooms, I “may have” removed the alarms as well. We’ve replaced them with good old fashioned alarm clocks, but more often than not, they sleep through the alarm and snooze and end up being woken up 30 minutes late as I barge into their rooms and flipping lights on and covers off. Its a work in progress….

One of the things we are rocking is doing all of their own laundry. Actually in our house, it’s “most” of their own laundry, but I’m ok with that. After I began to realize I was washing folded clothes over and over, I stopped. After a while, my oldest ran a load of laundry all by herself. Then the youngest asked me to teach him how to use the washing machine. Score.

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