So – I’ve posted about how excited and inspired I am by all of the amazing people I have had the opportunity to meet, hear from, and read about. It’s exciting. It’s what keeps ME going. But I need to be careful not to let my desire to grow this website pull me from my Journey.

Today was one of those days. I have seen a definite uptick in visits to the site. People are engaging and messaging me. It’s exciting. I found myself responding to emails, responding to social media messages, scheduling posts, and all the while GLUED to my computer.

This isn’t what I had planned to do. This isn’t my first website. I knew what I was getting into. But I made a promise to myself to not let it become consuming. So I have to be careful that the very thing I am finding exciting doesn’t suck me in to a point of overwhelming suffocation.

Today I searched for a bit of balance. I’m not sure if I found it. I’m not sure if I would know if I found it, but I was feeling pretty good about my day. My son is on vacation, and I had the day off. I was able to time my work on LivePositive.ME with his homework. When he finished, I closed my computer, too. As I heard the laptop click, I thought of at least four more things I could do to improve the site, but I took a deep breath and let them go. (I did write them down in my “book” so I wouldn’t for get them later.)

We went for a walk. We did a little shopping. We lit the wood stove and put the “Funky Colored Fun” fire color changing crystals and giggled as the flames changed to blue and green. We watched our favorite sitcom snuggled on the couch.

What a day.

Some days, the INSPIRATION is simply the gratitude you feel when you know you’ve spent the day in the company of someone you love. The website could wait – It will be here tomorrow.