Care Packages for Foster Children

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Here is a message from Tim & Anna:

Hello Friends, Family, and Community,
For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Tim.  My wife Anna and I are licensed foster parents in New Hampshire.  We have been fostering a special little girl, whom we hope to adopt, for the last twenty months.  It’s been one of the most challenging things we’ve ever done but also one of the most rewarding.  The other day, after coming across the video posted to the to the left, our Foster Daughter decided she wanted to help find a way we could help other local foster kids <3
Initially entering foster care is probably one of the scariest days a kid could ever face.  At a moments notice they might be told to pack whatever they can fit into a trash bag or two.  Told that they can no longer live at they only home they’ve ever known.  Depending on their age they may not even understand fully why they can no longer stay with Mom or Dad.  They only know that they are going to have to live with strangers now and that has got to be pretty terrifying for any child.  Regardless of if their home wasn’t what you or I would call perfect, it’s what they knew and the people they loved live there.
Many of these kids have been exposed to things beyond their years.  They may come with emotional scaring or behavior issues.  In some cases foster children may not be lucky enough to form a connection with a family that is willing to weather the tough times and be there for them no matter what.  Sadly they may be bounced between foster homes time and time again.
With that thought in mind this campaign is to raise money to create Sweet Cases (care packages) in the form of a duffel bags filled with a stuffed animal bear and some basic necessities to help with their move.  These duffel bags also serve as permanent piece of luggage these children can call their own to keep and use over and over if needed.  For every $25 raised we can put together one bag for a child.  If we can add a small ray of light to the process, give it a little more dignity, perhaps even make that day even a little less scary for these kids then we should try our best to.
I realize not all of you might be able to donate but you all have the ability to spread the word to your friends to get them involved.  Please share this with them or re-post it if at all possible.  My Foster Daughter and I will also need volunteers that are willing to help decorate, personalize and pack these bags.  The event is up and coming and to be held at the Movement Church in Merrimack.  Donations made on this page go straight to “Together We Rise”.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for helping me show my foster daughter that even the tiniest of voices can effect positive change in the world.