More than anything in the world, I am grateful to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine.

My son and I spent many weeks in and out of hospitals. Out of all of them, BBCH is the one who took the time to find the cure to his disease. They reminded us of our strength. These heroes never gave up. Because of BBCH, my son was diagnosed with an extremely rare disorder that they were then able to cure.

The doctors, nurses, caregivers, and staff worked tirelessly to make our stay a little bit brighter.

What is accomplished within the walls of BBCH is amazing. In additional to regular medical treatment, staff is able to provide children with games, hope, and smiles. Many of the additional comforts offered are funded through donations.

Please consider donating to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.

If you live in Maine, please consider preordering a BBCH Specialty License Plate. 

Thank you for your support.