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The Grass Isn’t Greener

It’s so easy to think the grass is greener on the other side and look back in hindsight.

For example I would love a big kitchen dinner so when my toddler is eating, he’s not stuck in the dining room on his own while I’m cooking or washing up. I think “oh it would be so much easier if…”

Or I wish we had a driveway because sometimes we have to park far away from our house. It stops you from going out in the evenings so you don’t lose your space. Or if you have the two children, buggy, car seat etc then it’s mission to get from car to home. Again I think “oh it would be so much easier if…”

Another thing (you must think I’m a right complainer!!) I miss living a short walking distance from the beach! We moved a bit further out so we could afford a bigger three bedroom house. It’s still walkable but more like an hour’s walk as opposed to two minutes! So again rather than thinking “I wish it easier”, I try to be a better me!

Be A Better You

All I needed to do was change my associations. I used to link ‘pain’ or it ‘being hard’ to my current situations but what I needed to do was link ‘pleasure’ or the feeling of it ‘being easy’ to them.

So now I’m grateful for our nice big dining room (that is actually right next to the kitchen!) I may peel vegetables sat at the dining table while I chat to Tommy instead of standing in the kitchen. There is now a TV in the dining room so he can be entertained for a bit! Also when I’m in my kitchen it’s like having a quiet haven to myself!

The car parking isn’t the end of the world! We’re lucky to have a car and to be able to park outside most of the time in the day. And if we do get one at night, it feels like an exciting bonus! Or if we do have to walk, I just think of the exercise!

And finally, the seafront! Ok so it’s a bit further away, but we have the car and can drive down there anytime. If we lived right by it, we may have taken in for granted anyway! And it meant we could buy a bigger house.

Turn The Negative Into Positive

See how I easily flipped these ‘complaints’ to effect the positive instead of the negative?

Why don’t you try this too? What are your moans & groans and how can you turn them into positives?

Let me know! Just comment on this post or send an email to lisa@lisa-hartley.com.

The fantastic book I read that taught me about linking pain and pleasure to situations is called ‘Awaken The Giant Within’ by Anthony Robbins, so go take a look on Amazon and read the blurb!

Thank you, Lisa x

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