On A Wing And Prayer
A remarkable life begins with the intention to cast away the bowline on your former life, in exchange for new beginnings.

Whilst you may not know the steps required, you recognise your current experience is not what you want.

Once you state your intention to change your circumstances, the pieces of the puzzle will come together.

Most journeys are lined with detours, dead ends and eventual success. Our voyage comprises peaks and turning points where we confront our demons, only to rise above them.

“Your attitude anLive Your Dreamd how you respond to both opportunity and setbacks are critical to pivoting. You need to develop habits that help you foster a positive mind-set, help you understand yourself, and increase your sense of control over your life,” affirms author Adam Markel in Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life.

We must assume responsibility for our future which means accepting everything that arises along the way.

Nothing is gained overnight. Where success comes fast, it can be easily squandered, so don’t be in a haste to upgrade your life sooner. It’s not how fast you reach your destination, but the lessons and experiences that matter.

The Value Of Connections

We cannot create a remarkable life without the help of others. As social creatures, valued relationships can propel us to new heights.

My greatest life experiences resulted from connecting with people whom I thought had little to offer. However, they imparted precious wisdom and knowledge when I needed it most.

Similarly, it’s vital you surround yourself with people who sympathise with your cause and don’t sabotage your plans.

The world is full of detractors and cynics, unable to pursue their dreams. They may have failed and will insist you cannot succeed either.

Steer clear away from them. Grave diggers, as I call them, will find every excuse to convince you it can’t be done.

“The truth, in spite of what we might believe about remarkable people, is that you cannot master a skill on your own. Finding your calling will not happen without the aid and assistance of others. Every story of success is, in fact, a story of community,” states author Jeff Goins in The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do.

Humility and kindness will take you far because you never know when your circumstances will change. To repay the services of those who help you or by paying it forward, is something we must take into account.

Unearth your innate confidence, irrespective of the reality you face. This leads to a resolute conviction because you discover the essence of your nature in moments of determination.

Failure and rejection become your allies since anything of value requires: commitment, dedication and time.

Fear vs Faith

Don’t allow your fears and insecurities to cripple you.

Ninety percent of the world’s population don’t take action on their dreams because their fears overpower them. Gradually, the years slip away and they’ve achieved little, much to their regret.

They entertain disempowering thoughts that keep them safe within their comfort zone.

Yet, a safe refuge will seldom award you a remarkable life. It’s the assurance of an average life which I’m sure is not what you want.

“Who we are and where we want to go determine what we do and what we accomplish. A life lived on purpose is the most powerful of all- and the happiest,” state authors Gary Keller and Jay Papasan in The One Thing: The surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results.

An extraordinary life is created by conceding parts of our life that are not working while attaining something greater.

To discover your calling is essential if you seek to align with purpose. Hidden in these treasures lies your passion, instead of a career or a job you loathe.

Those who pursue their purpose have an unwavering commitment to serve others and are pulled by the exuberance for life.

“You’re either remarkable or invisible,” declares author Seth Godin in his bestselling book, Purple Cow.

Follow Your Calling

I appreciate the notion to answer our calling since it’s grounded in purpose and intention, key aspects of universal wisdom. A calling can be as minor as writing poetry for family and friends or as grand as humanitarian efforts in third world countries.

Don’t succumb to those who advocate your calling is less than glamorous because if it resonates with you, there’s a good chance you’re following it.

There’s talk nowadays of pursuing happiness, that it’s now become a first world problem. At least we’ve reached the consensus, material possessions do not equate to fulfillment.

The greatest source of happiness arises from a focused purpose. It entails attending to big picture issues instead of trivial ones that occupy your time and energy.

You must trade the familiar for the uncertain and be guided by the appeal of the journey. For when you jump, the net will appear, but not a moment sooner until you take the plunge.

The promise of a remarkable life is a journey of self-discovery. It sets the intention and the seed of opportunity for the next phase of your life. You won’t know what the imminent future holds until you start out on the path.

Author Michael Neill reminds us of a wonderful message in his book The Inside-Out Revolution: The Only Thing You Need to Know to Change Your Life Forever, “How things ultimately turn out isn’t up to us. It never was. But if we do our bit and play our part, it’s remarkable how far we can go.”

You Have What It Takes

Don’t despair, you’re well adapted to surmount any circumstances life presents. All your needs have served you from birth until now and will continue to serve you as long as you maintain trust.

It’s not important what a remarkable life looks like, however we must believe it’s attainable. We should allow life to show us how to merge into this future and be willing to embrace what arises.

Don’t become a bystander, waiting for circumstances to change or improve. Enter the arena as a gladiator and assuage your fears while silencing your doubts.

To the victor goes the spoils.

Spectators are self-imposed critics who sit on the side-lines, while others take massive action to create extraordinary circumstances.

Life is too precious to be an onlooker.

Author Jeff Goins reminds us again that the luck is something we create, “What makes a person successful, then, is not the luck, but what he or she does with it. Opportunities come. The question is what will you do when they arrive? Successful people are just as “lucky” as the unsuccessful. The difference is they do something remarkable with their lucky moment while the rest of the world sits around, waiting for the next lucky streak to come.”

To live a remarkable life entails immense personal growth and self-improvement. The person you are now, is not the person you will become.

For success is a by-product of inspired action.

So, cast away the bowline and set your sail to navigate towards a prosperous future.

You never know where it will take you and that’s the greatest adventure we can embark on – trusting in ourselves and living to serve our needs.

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