Don’t you just hate it when you feel frustrated? You really want something to work or happen and basically it just isn’t! You feel you work so hard to reach your goals but they’re just not coming true. Is this you? Take a look at this frustration quote below..

Think of frustration as a positive thing!

Does that make you feel better?! Success and achieving your goals isn’t meant to be easy! You will meet failures, frustrations and even catastrophes, or at least what you think is a catastrophe! It won’t be that bad at all!

Anthony Robbins: Amazing Guy!

As I read in Anthony Robbins book ‘Awaken The Giant Within‘, he said frustration is just like a big blockage. You feel like you’re putting in all this effort and getting no reward. Take a look at this amazing and deep book here:

Negative to Positive

Rather than thinking of frustration as a negative, just know that it’s actually a positive sign! Frustration means that your brain knows you can do better than it currently is! Therefore the answer is close by and you just have to tweak/amend the way you’re doing things. Does that make sense?

It also means that you’re being thorough and really thinking about the outcome so honestly you’re doing good!

Who’s your role model?

A good thing to do is find yourself a role model. Someone who is in a similar field or who has already reached the goals you want to. Study them and what they do and see how you can copy them (with your own spin on it of course!) Always be unique to you, as in any business, that’s what people are drawn to, a unique person with their own ideas.

Frustrated me

Sometimes I get frustrated with my blogging! I get frustrated because I haven’t written one by a certain time that I wanted to! I get annoyed with myself thinking I could have done it by now instead of watching Britain’s Got Talent! Lol! So you see my frustration is actually me saying “I could do better”.

It’s great I have this knowledge that I can do better! So that I don’t get frustrated with myself again, I need to do things slightly differently! I could treat myself to watching a programme I’ve recorded once I’ve finished my blog, and not watch it before!

Your comfort zone

You have to push through that barrier of being in your safe, easy zone where you do what you’ve always done! Persist and ignore that little voice in your head which says “ooh wouldn’t it be lovely to cozy up in front of the TV with a hot chocolate and do my work later!”

I’ll save that post for another day, as there’s so much to say about everyone’s ‘safe zone’ or ‘comfort zone’!

Go and grab those goals!

So now you know how you can stop feeling frustrated and what frustration is really all about, then get going with your goals and start achieving them!

Please do comment with what your goals are and how you’re planning on achieving them!

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Bye for now and hope my post has helped you think about frustration more positively!

Lisa x



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