Thank you for joining Live Positive!

In a world where we are bombarded by so much negativity, I have met many, many people who have started looking for the positive influence in their lives. Each of those people, whether they realized it or not were an inspiration for me. I’m encouraging members to join and share their journey so they may become an inspiration to many others.

Even though many are working toward the goal of a “happy” life, it’s important to realize this is a journey. As with any life changes, it might not happen overnight. To change habits, you need at least a month – sometimes more – of authentic, dedicated, hard work. To change you life to be more positive, you might need to address the negative in your life to remove it before adding positive habits.

There are three ways to share your journey with the community.

1. Send your story to Bethany. If approved, she will publish it to the community.

2.  Create an article from your profile page to see it listed in the main collection of stories.

  • On your profile page, you will see a link that says Articles.
  •  Click the Articles link, and you will see an option to create a new article.
  • You can then add an article (or blog post) with images
  • Choose a Category and Tags from the lists available
  • Submit the article for review
  • Your article will be posted within 36 hours – but usually much quicker.


3. Post your updates on your profile page and they will be seen by friends and members of the community