Have you been feeling low in spirits? Has everything around you in your world started to become cloudy? Wait – there is a way to shift things around you fast? What is it? Read on to find out.

Put it clear and simple – it is the Power of Gratitude. Now why would that turn things around for you? It does – the more gratitude you feel for your life, the faster things will turn around you in your favor.

Now how do you start to develop gratitude? That is easier said than done. But it is not hard. Begin in your own home and family. Be GratefulAren’t you happy to have a roof above? Aren’t you glad that you have shared moments of glory and happiness with your family members? What is it that you like about your individual family members? How about the commodities that belong to you? The laptop, PC, iPad, smartphone, iPhone, cellphone, washing machine, dishwasher, boiler, gas, electricity, water and the list goes on.

How about yourself? What are the good qualities you have been complimented by friends and colleagues? Aren’t you glad that you possess these qualities that make you unique and different from others? Treasure and savor these. What about your achievements? Everything cannot go down the drain just because you are having a little stressed-out low time. You should honor the triumphs in your life and the people involved who helped to make them happen.

How about your boss and colleagues at work? What do you find good about each of them? Surely there must be something good in them otherwise how are you sticking to your job?

All the friends and buddies you hang around are equally to be credited. Without them life would be impossible. You share your joys and sorrows with them. You share your moments of high and low with them. And they are always there to listen to you, sympathize with and congratulate you all the time.

Make it a point to develop gratitude for all the people and commodities that you do have already in your life. That way more good and influential people plus beneficial commodities that you yearn for enter your life.

Before going to sleep every night, keep a journal by your bedside and list only three things that you are grateful for in your life and date it. Then close your eyes and fall asleep. You will have blessed sleep, ready to meet the challenges of a new day.

Later you can amplify your gratitude list and even start keeping separate journals for life’s commodities, family members, boss and colleagues as well as friends and buddies. You will have more joy and happiness in your life to celebrate as work around your life this way. Believe me and take my word for granted.

Rosina S Khan has authored this article, demonstrating how developing gratitude can turn your life around in your favor.

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