You know that feeling when you’re laughing so much your tummy hurts?! And your eyes are streaming and you can barely talk?! Isn’t it just amazing and don’t you just wish you could laugh and feel like that more often? Laughter is a great way to make you happy as well as improving your health, did you know?!

Life is better when you’re laughing

I thought I’d base my post on laughter because it’s something that can really improve your life! When you’re down in the dumps, moody and miserable, are you laughing? No! When you’re worried and cautious, are you laughing? No!

In the Third World..

I know someone who said that they went to the Dominican Republic and the local people were all so happy and full of laughter. In comparison to us in the First World, this Third World Country has so much less than us. We might moan at the TV. How many people do you hear saying “bloody Eastenders, it’s all doom and gloom!” My dad’s always saying that! Yet how many people in the Domican Republic live in a proper home, let alone own a TV for them to moan about what’s on it!!

You just see them being happy and grateful for what they’ve got and laughing along the way.

Giggles with your girlfriends

The other day I met up with a couple of lovely girlfriends and we always have a good old giggle! I’m very lucky to have quite a few girly friends who I can laugh with as well as confide in.

To this day, there is still one story that I retell and it cracks me up! Just thinking about it now (as I quietly type this post on my phone in my toddler’s bedroom while he falls asleep!) I made a sniggering sound! It was all the way back in 2005 with one of my best friends.

Its probably one of those moments where ‘you have to be there’ to get the full effect, but you may laugh so I’ll tell you!

On a bus in London, someone accidentally stood on my foot with their stiletto! A while later it still hurt so my friend said “why don’t you put some saveloy on it?” Pah, I’m trying to stifle my laughter here! I said “um, do you mean Savlon?” And she replied saying “oh what’s saveloy then?” “It’s a rubbery orange sausage….!!” I won’t mention my friend’s name! lol! So no I wasn’t going to rub that on my foot!

I think that comment will tickle me until the day I die!

You may or may not have found that funny, but my point is you need to laugh and do lots of it! Whenever & wherever you can! Be around happy, sunny natured people who you can relax and have a laugh with. Life’s short, so live it and laugh at it!

Laughter is the best medicine

Another good thing about laughter is how it can actually heal you! Don’t they say ‘laughter is the best medicine’? I can’t remember where I heard this story now but a lady who was terminally ill decided she wasn’t going to let her illness get the better of her. She watch comedy films everyday to make her laugh, and over time she actually became cured of her illness!

If you take a look at this article from, you’ll see that laughter is officially an amazing medicine! It says that laughter boosts the immune system because it decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies. This means it improves our resistance to disease, just as I mentioned with the lady above!

What to do if you don’t know whether to laugh or cry

You know sometimes you’re in a situation where everything is going wrong and you think to yourself “do I laugh or do I cry?” My answer is just laugh! Crying can be good as it gets everything out of your system, done that a few times!! But laughing just puts everything into perspective and makes you think are things really that bad?

The other day I was in the loos of a church Easter party with the children. I had Toriana half changed on the side and Tommy attempting to wee on the toilet but I could see it was going to go all over the floor! I was feeling stressed and did actually swear (bad mummy!) but luckily a volunteer lady came in so I thrust Toriana upon her so I could deal with Tommy, who then said “I don’t need a wee wee”! At the time I was like “oh my God!” but now I just laugh about it!

Anyway, enough about me! Why don’t you try and fit more laughter into your life and see how much better you feel!

Leave a comment and let me know!

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Bye for now & keep laughing!

Lisa x