Bethany Hiking in the MudHappy TUESDAY!

I live in Maine and it’s been COLD here. Yesterday was our first taste of Spring and my daughter and I decided to hike to the ocean on a trail near our house. It was muddy and snowy, but it was fun. It felt good to get outside, feel the fresh air, and get moving.

Today’s challenge??

Get moving! Feel the fresh air on your face and let it breathe a little positivity (and health!!) into you.

If your winter has felt as long as mine, it’s time to embrace SPRING!

(Side note…… The weather forecast in my neighborhood calls for snow and rain later today, so if you have some sunshine, enjoy it while you can!!)



I started the #LivePositiveChallenge hashtag on twitter to encourage people to share stories of kindness and hope. However, Living a Positive life is about so much more than kindness. It’s an all encompassing kindness and love – which includes being kind and loving to yourself.

I’m planning to share a new #LivePositiveChallenge in the mornings a few times a week. You will find the challenges to be what I am focused on at the moment.

Please visit our Twitter to share your LivePositive story and help me CRUSH the daily challenges.