Complaining is a form of negativity. It causes you to focus on the negative things in your life, and it shares that negativity with others.

For many of us, complaining has become such a habit, we don’t even realize we are doing it.

Here are today’s three exercises. Choose one or all three.

MINI CHALLENGE – Should only take a minute!

Today, I challenge you to listen to your thoughts and words. Are they adding positivity to your world?

When you talk to a friend, what are the first things you say? Do you complain? Do you “vent”?  Do you gossip?

All of these bring negativity to the world you chose to inhabit.

INSPIRATIONAL CHALLENGE – Can take 5 minutes to a hour, depending on how creative you get.

Watch the video below and reflect on the following questions:

How do I respond in a crisis?

What are my first thoughts?

How can I bring peace and positivity into the next negative situation?





POWER CHALLENGE – Keeps you focused on positive all day long.


As you can see from the activities above, complaining is a habit that is formed over many years, decades. Breaking the habit may take time. Give yourself some grace as you make small, but important changes.

For the next few days – try the tips below:

Pay attention to what you complain about most.

Complaining can sometimes be good if you use it to accomplish or change something. It can bring awareness to a concern or bigger problem.

However, if you are complaining just for the sake of complaining, you may need to take a closer look.

Is there a positive in the situation you are complaining about?

OK – I live in Maine, it has been raining for almost a month. It’s almost June and it’s 50 degrees. I could go on, but there is nothing in those phrases that brings positivity into my life.

I simply need to find a positive in my situation. I have enough wood to keep my wood stove lit until mid June. I have a warm, cozy home. When the sun finally does come, I will appreciate it even more.

I’ll be honest, after the third week, I was complaining, but it’s always a work in progress – for all of us.

Find your mantra

Find your positive mantra. When you find yourself complaining, repeat it.

Peaceful beachI am loved.

I am blessed beyond belief.

Thank you for this beautiful day.

I am filled with energy and love.

I am at peace with my life.

God has blessed me in countless ways.


Add some positive to the world

When you catch yourself complaining, don’t beat yourself up.  Praise yourself for catching it and find a way to add positivity to the world.

FriendsPay someone a compliment.

Share a blessing.

Express gratitude.

Appreciate the beauty in the natural world around you.

Tell someone you love them.