Fist Bump EmojiGood Morning Sunshine!!!

Every morning we wake up and breathe fresh air is a GOOD MORNING.

Some days I have to remind myself of this…  Some days the reminders are more forceful than others.

In the spirit of sharing my Journey to LivePositive, I have started practicing what I’m sharing. It’s so much easier to share things and feel inspired than it is to put them into practice for more than a day or two.

I started the #LivePositiveChallenge hashtag on twitter to encourage people to share stories of kindness and hope. However, Living a Positive life is about so much more than kindness. It’s an all encompassing kindness and love – which includes being kind and loving to yourself.


I’m planning to share a new #LivePositiveChallenge in the mornings a few times a week. You will find the challenges to be what I am focused on at the moment.

Please visit our Twitter to share your LivePositive story and help me CRUSH the daily challenges.