Make You Smile – MONDAY Quotes

“Monday?! But, I wasn’t even finished with Saturday yet..”  – Unknown Author

“It takes twice as long for me to not get anything done on Monday as it does the rest of the week.”  – Unknown Author


“If only one of the presidential candidates would have the incentive to “make Mondays part of the weekend” into his platform. I think he would get a lot of votes. ”     – Unknown Author


“If you start the week with a positive attitude on Monday, it’ll be a lot easier to fight off negativity the rest of the week. ”     – Unknown Author


Can’t I just do nothing?”— Amy Schumer


“The worst part of my Mondays is hearing you complain about Mondays.” – Unknown


“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”Jack London


“Good morning, all you need is love and a little coffee. Happy Monday!”