Two men in Halifax decided they wanted to offer random acts of kindness anonymously. Here is there story. I found it to be quite inspiring and I hope you will, too.

“Around Christmas time we came up the idea of just doing random acts of kindness for people but we wanted to be anonymous, that’s one of our biggest things is we don’t want our faces or names being out there,” said one of the men.

“Our slogan is little kindness, big smiles, better world and that’s exactly what it is. A little bit can make a big difference,” added the other man.

Both men asked for their names not to be published to remain anonymous while performing their acts of kindness.

The idea is still new and “The Pay It Forwards” admitted they get mixed reactions when walking down the street in their outfits, mainly because some people are still wary following the negativity that surrounded masked clowns late last year.

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