Huffington Post asked 14 moms what advice they would give themselves on their first Mother’s Day and the results are heartwarming.

“Breathe and learn to let go of your preconceived notions of what motherhood was going to be like, or what kind of mom you were going to be.” April Metoyer

“In order to be a good mom, you need to first take care of yourself. Don’t get so caught up in being a super parent that you forget you’re also important.” Rikki Shepherd

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You will be tired, but slow down! Time passes so quickly and those endless toddler conversations and messy bedroomswilla be something you crave when they’re gone.Enjoy every little thing, because they’re actually the big things.” Amber Reynolds Gholston


14 Moms On The Advice They’d Give Themselves On Their First Mother’s Day