On April 16, 2007, a tragic shooting at Virginia Tech claimed the lives of 32. As the community struggled to make some sense of what had happened, Bob Vortuba, a father from Cleveland, OH was so moved by what was happening, he chose to travel to Virginia to be with those still reeling by the events.

The people he saw, the emotions they felt, led Bob to the decision to make a difference. Over the next two years, Bob sold all of his possessions, purchased a school bus, and started out to spread kindness into the world.

Bob’s vision is to share as much kindness and support for the world our children out growing up in. Bob started the One Million Acts of Kindness movement and has been touring the country visiting college campuses, schools, churches, and other outreach programs encouraging people to commit to performing One Million Acts of Kindness in their lifetime.

On his website onemillionactsofkindness.com Bob shares his mission:

One Million Acts Of Kindness is a goal. A goal for each person to individually perform One Million Acts Of Kindness in their life. Can you imagine a greater goal for one’s life? It is a constant mind-set of kindness every day of your life for the next fifty-five years. Doing for others and kindness in your heart for everyone. It is my wish that you will dedicate your life to a charity… finding the passion in your heart for something or someone in need.

You can follow his travels and see the people he meets and inspires at his Facebook page, One Million Acts of Kindness.