Positive Parenting – Dealing with Power Struggles

What Will I Learn?
  • Understand why kids misbehave
  • Identify a power struggle vs. other types of misbehavior
  • Effectively stop a power struggle with a child using one of the eight ways you will learn to get out of power struggles
  • Choose any of eleven ways you will learn to prevent future power struggles
  • Use the most important tool a parent has to prevent all types of misbehavior in your kids, including power struggles

Here is what a few participants had to say about this video class series:

“I was able to start using knowledge as soon as my son came home from preschool and we had the best night we’ve had in a long time.”

“First class information on a crucial topic. Very helpful for parenting little or older kids…”

“Good advice and tips how to actually resolve the situation.”

“Very helpful…new points of view…. I think about our relationships with my son…I learned a lot about preventing power struggling …. thank you so much…”

In this fun and engaging course you will learn:

  • What we do that makes us be ineffective, lose our child’s respect, and have them tune us out
  • Questions to ask yourself in the midst of a power struggle that work like magic
  • The cure for “parent deafness” in children
  • Ways to develop self-motivation
  • How to minimize the hassles, tantrums, and tears
  • An approach to feel calmer and experience more joy in parenting

These videos are fun demonstrations — NOT boring lectures.  You will learn through these exercises how to respond when a child is screaming for a cookie or a toddler won’t stay in bed.  Also includes solutions on how to get your child to take out the trash (without having to ask), and other real-life examples of your common power struggles.