On May 26 2017, a young man was taken from his family in a tragic car accident. Cody Gollihue was only 21 years old, but his life had already made an inspiring impact. His family has taken the love and support shown to them in the wake of his death to inspire the love and kindness that Cody always hoped to see in the world. They have created an inspiring Facebook page to carry on his legacy through Random Acts of Cody Kindness #RACK .

By Chad Hedrick | Posted: Sun 11:32 PM, Jun 04, 2017  |  Updated: Sun 11:47 PM, Jun 04, 2017

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Join the RANDOM ACTS OF CODY KINDNESS #RACK to share the kind things you are doing.

This group was created for people to share random acts of kindness in Cody’s name. Normally I know we do not brag about acts of kindness, but hearing about all the wonderful things being done in Cody’s name will bring joy to his family and friends!
Cody was
Our 21 year old son who we lost in a traffic accident on May 26th, 2017. He was an avid Christian and loved doing random acts of giving and nice things for people. Let’s continue his legacy and honor him by spreading acts of kindness in the name of “CODY”
And call it “cody kindness”! Let’s spread this globally! God bless you all