The following question was asked on Reddit:

What was your best experience with a total stranger?


This was during my time in graduate school. I had finals scheduled at 9 am. I woke up early that day and was walking to the library to review materials for test. On my walk to library, I always passed this coffee shop but never bought any coffee. That day I was walking by the shop with my head held down, stressed about finals. Out of no where I hear an old person working at the coffee shop go..”Hey man, come on, keep your head held’ll do good.” For some reason that advise always stuck me. Thank you old man.


Every taller than me person at the grocery store who has seen me struggling to reach something on the top shelf and has offered their help so I don’t have to risk my life climbing to get whatever it is. Having injured myself struggling to reach something before(the ceiling fan string), I greatly appreciate anyone who helps me avoid further injuries.


When i was a 6 years old, we were coming home from our trip Somalia and we took the airplane from Kenya to Dubai. In the airplane, i meet this white guy, kinda ginger hair man with a big red backpack and he made a thing to me that i still remember. 

A origami bird. 

If you are out there thanks man. I couldn’t thanks since i couldn’t speak English.


A few years back I got into a car accident, it was a hit & run. When it happened my head smashed into the window and I was out like a light. When I came to I was incredibly disoriented, my car door was smashed in and couldn’t be opened, my window was shattered etc. I was freaking out and crying and I didn’t understand what was happening and then I remember a guy who ran over. He called 911 and he stayed with me until an ambulance came. He was so calm and talked to me through the whole situation to try to keep me a little relaxed. I wish I could meet him again and say thank you for your kindness.




When I was a kid, went to a lake in the countryside w/ family. Guy there was going home from fishing, I asked him how it went. He gave pointers, very friendly. Then, he just gives me 2 bags of berkley artificial baits, one worms one crawfish, both still almost full. I couldn’t! Naw here; have fun 🙂

A little thing in the big picture, but it stuck with me




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