This man’s rare blood has saved over two million babies’ lives. In 1951, when James Harrison was 14 years old, doctors removed one of his lungs and the operation nearly cost him his life. James later learned that he’s survived because an unknown donor gifted him 13 liters of blood. In that moment, James made a vow. One day he would become a blood donor and pay his miracle forward. Little did he know just how far his generosity would go.

Once he turned 18, James donated his first round of blood, and doctors noticed his blood was rare. So rare that it might just contain the cure for a deadly problem they’d spent years trying to solve. Each year, thousands of children had been dying from rhesus disease, a condition which causes pregnant women’s blood to attack the cells of their unborn children. James’ blood contained the antibody that prevented these attacks. Researchers were ablate use James’ blood to develop the Anti D Vaccine.

Since learning of his blood’s life saving properties, James has donated plasma over 1000 times.