Mandy, the founder of the Twnty Something movement is determined to make a difference in the world.

“There I was..sitting at a friends BBQ and everyone was parading around in their bikinis taking selfies for instagram and I noticed no-one was having a REAL conversation. We as young women have gotten SO sucked into the social media world – needing to get constant validation that we are loved by getting x amount of insta likes, x amount of  followers ..etc etc. Now it’s not just social media we can find ourselves doing this – it can be other things such as the way we treat our bodies to dating to friendships (to..the list goes on and on and on!!) 

We’ve allowed ourselves to focus so much on our outer appearance that we’ve lost touch with our inner beauty! “

So, It’s time to ignite your light girl, cause you’re about to see the truth! xx  

Visit her site at and get inspired!