You may not realize what an inspiration you are, but we can see it already.

The mission of the LivePositive Community is to create a group of members supporting one another by sharing inspiration and hope.

What we are looking for:Grateful

  • Stories of kindness and hope
  • Stories that share GOOD things happening in the world
  • Great causes that deserve extra promotion and support
  • Classes and Teachings that can support community members
  • Positive Habits and Practices
  • Online Resources (especially FREE ones!!)
  • Information for kids, mothers, and teachers
  • Resources for community members to improve their health
  • Things that INSPIRE you – Images, articles, videos


Some rules to follow:

  • Your posts don’t need to be edited – I promise! I was only an English teacher for one year & I still don’t have a handle on the use of the semi colon…
  • Marketing pieces are ok, but please make sure your product fits the nature of the website.
  • Topics that will not be posted include pornography, hate, violence, or anything threatening. As the owner of this site, we reserve the right to deny the posting of articles that are deemed “offensive” as well.